Golf Club Teutoburger Forrest

In the middle oft he Northern teutoburger Forest, a 27-hole golf course has been created that is both architecturally and scenically challenging and attractive. Here you will find pure nature, paired with one oft he most interesting sports of our time. The fairways are varied and run through the extensive area, embedded in the natural topography with idyllic water hazards, which are accompanied and framed by the forests and groups of trees of the Teutoburger Forest.

License to play golf courses

Among other things the golf grip, stance and swing, basic stroke types and rules are taught. You will learn golf etiquette and how to play the golf course. The course concludes with the proficiency test. If you pass the test, you will receive an official DGV certificate.

Participants: 4 to 6 People
Price per person: 339,00 €

Incl. rental clubs with golf bag for the entire period
Incl. free ticket for at least 500 practice balls during the course period
Incl. free use of the 4 practice holes during the course period


Trial courses offer a god and interesting opportunity to accustom you to the sport golf. The PGA Pros from the golf club will familiarize you with the basics of golf in an informal and enjoyable atmosphere. Combined with a visit to the Rossini restaurant, you can get to know the assets of the golf club and try golf without any obligations.
Individual appointments or golf trials as a team building event for companies are also possible.

Participants: 3 to 6 People
Price per Person: 49,00€

For more information, contact the secretariat of the golf club Teutoburger Forrest Telephone:
+49 5201 6279.

Direct booking